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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Made In China

It seems as if we have been mentally preparing ourselves for this move in small increments at a time. For example, driving in the car we’ll ask the kids questions such as, “What toys and books MUST you have?” “What can’t you live without?”
Seem a little dramatic? Ever told a 4 and 7 year old that they can only choose a couple of things to bring with them to a foreign country, in order to make room for clothes and essentials? Goodbye winter coat, Hello dolls!! Trust me, even the Barbie purse lodged in the back corner of a closet becomes a prized possession.
In all honesty, Grayce was more cooperative than I imagined. She decided she must have her Junie B. Jones collection. The books are relatively small and thin so I, hesitantly, gave in. After purchasing a Nook color and an Ipad, books must be extra special to go in the “China Bound” pile. I also agreed to a half a gallon sized baggy of tiny dolls with plastic dresses in exchange for a huge box of Barbie Dolls. We decided to take a few pictures of her friends, to later frame for her bedroom, and her favorite painting.
Phillip…. Well, he’ll likely be a different story. Parting from his 4-wheeler, tractor collection, and hot-wheels will be difficult!
Originally, I was under the impression that most toys could be purchased in China. Let’s face it, nearly everything we use in our household originated in some part of China! However, I have recently learned that many of the items we purchase in the US, made in China, are only produced for export (Those stupid Americans will waste their money on anything!), but something tells me we will locate plenty of useless items Made in China to replace the useless items we own now that were Made in China.
I have been surprised at the items, others have suggested, we bring. Items such as feminine products, toothpaste, deodorant, over-the-counter medications, an alarm clock, salt & pepper, spices, baking pans and utensils, have all found their way on our TO BRING list. I can only imagine airport security breaking open a large box filled with a year’s supply of tampons and maxi-pads. I guess it might scare some men to death! Apparently, not everything is made in China!

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