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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Skype Interview - 1/11/2011

Casey and I officially had our first interview today, via Skype, with the Anglo-American International School of Sophia. I’m not sure which seemed weirder, getting up extremely early and putting on my best black interview dress to be interviewed in front of a computer screen at my kitchen table or interviewing alongside my husband.
Our interview was set up for 6:00AM TN time/ 2:00PM Bulgarian time.
So there we sat, at our kitchen table, holding our breaths in anticipation. We adjusted and re-adjusted the webcam and waited as patiently as we could. Waiting, I envisioned our 4 year old crying at the bedroom door in desperation for his morning bowl of cereal. I’m not sure what type of impression this would have made, but luckily no noise from the bedroom until around 7:00.
The interview went well… I think. I was enamored by my husband’s interview skills and it was nice to interview as a team. I’m sure the chances of actually gaining employment with this school is quite bleak. Besides the fact we have no IB experience, having 3 children kind of does us in. I actually cringed when I was asked if we had a family. I will remain hopeful!

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